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Once upon a time there was a girl… 1/7-14/9/2023 Legionowo, Poland


With this fairy-tale-like title, visual artist Mary Roussioti is introducing herself in her first solo exhibition in Poland. The narratives of her works, however, are not bound by the narrow limits of language but become carriers of ideas and emotions through form, color and gesture. Continue Reading

Κάπου Ανάμεσα| POW WOW 2/6-2/7/2018

κάπου ανάμεσα


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Details_ 21-30/11/2016 Municipal Gallery of Kallithea Sofia Laskaridou


[… small elements of a total, part of a larger whole or something secondary? …]

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“Primitive murals in our contemporary caves” 2011 Athens


9/12 – 30/12  2011   Anamesa, Athens.

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“Daily short stories” 2008 Ergostasio A.S.F.A


11/6- 18/6 2008  Dissertation Continue Reading