“Primitive murals in our contemporary caves” 2011 Athens


9/12 – 30/12  2011   Anamesa, Athens.

It’s these walls, the ones we go by every single day without noticing  them, the ones which we consider not only indifferent but also repugnant, it’s on these indifferent and dirty walls, that I found the most artistic interest, leading me to the conclusion that these are the primitive murals in our contemporary caves.A testimony to our reality, they howl to us the complexity of  modern society, the polyphony, the abundance of visual stimulants, the garbage, the ephemerality but most of all the excess that characterizes our world today, which we sometimes try to confront and others we just accept. I glue or unglue pieces of paper, i use spray in order to immitate tags, football or political chants , stencils. I interfere with diluted  paints in order to give the impression of erasing, or a sense of transparency and on top of all the above, by constantly interfering on the work, ostensibly random, the process is repeated until the work reaches its goal, in terms of composition, colour and aesthetics.