RESILIENCE 31/10-13/11/2022      TAF the Art Foundation Athens


Panic Attack

Mixed Media on paper

145x 158cm

The exhibition deals with the subject of “resilience” as the ability for adaptation, resistance, survival, recovery, balance, flexibility. Resilience with regard to human and community, man-made structures and natural environment, institutions and social organization. The question of resilience will be approached in an inter-artistic and interdisciplinary manner through a multimedia exhibition.
Resilience, according to the field of psychology, contains the compensation of risk factors by protective factors- a process that works differently for every person. For engineering, resilience stands for the ability for restoration of the material under the influence of loads and environmental factors that cause wear, deformation, aging. On the larger scale the idea of resilience is in coordination with the idea of sustainability and the ecological theories as they inform the design of the urban environment as well as of everyday spaces and objects.
The key question is how the natural and anthropogenic environment recovers and reconstructs itself after various shock events (natural disasters, economic crisis, war, pandemic).

Curated by Eva Repouskou and Mary Roussioti